H is for Health Care: Going Beyond Your Insurance

H is for Health Care: Going Beyond Your Insurance

Sometimes when we think of health care, all we think of is insurance plans, tax breaks, and is there any money left on my HSA card? Choosing the right healthcare plan for you and your family is extremely important. But going beyond your insurance can ensure that you will stay healthy, happy, and free of financial worries too.

Preventative health care is often overlooked in our culture. For example, it is easier to take a pill than take a daily walk and eat right. But somehow, we have been equating healthcare for when we get sick rather than making sure we take steps to avoid getting sick in the future. But preventative healthcare is just as important as ensuring you are getting the proper care once you are sick. And, as a bonus, being proactive about your health today may help you save for tomorrow.

But how do you go beyond your healthcare plan in order to stay healthy?

First of all, make your health a priority. Eat right, exercise, and do things you enjoy. Staying happy and healthy is the best health care you can give yourself!

Second, take proactive preventative measures. This means scheduling yearly physicals, annual exams, and any other type of appointment or procedure your doctor suggests to make sure you are staying healthy. It is essential to stay on top of these appointments to catch any ailments while still fixing them as we age.

And third, keep up to date on all immunizations and medications. Finally, talk with your doctor to decide what is best for you and your health.

Going beyond your healthcare insurance plan and planning healthcare into your life can be the difference between medical debt and staying healthy and happy throughout your life. In addition, if we make our health a priority, we are less likely to need extensive care in the future. 

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