H is for Having a Heartfelt “Ethical Will” or “Legacy letter”

H is for Having a Heartfelt “Ethical Will” or “Legacy letter”

having a heartfelt ethical will or legacy letter

We all know we need a legal document called a will,  this helps provide our loved ones access to the valuables we leave behind. A will is an important legal document which can provide clarity and financial support to those we love.
Perhaps another important will to consider would be “an ethical will”. This type of will can include personal values, beliefs and advice to those that are important to you. This practice has been going on since ancient times and was designed to pass ethical values from one generation to the next.

Today, “ethical wills” are written by many regardless of ethnicity, faith or economic circumstance. It may have a purpose of spiritual well-being as it communicates your legacy of cultural history, ethical and spiritual values to future generations.

So go ahead, write that letter. Pass on your wisdom, love and gratitude to those you leave behind. Include your hopes and dreams for your children and grandchildren.

Tell them what has been important to you. Share your personal story of triumphs and failures and how they shaped the person you became. This may be the most treasured gift you leave behind.

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