H is for Happiness Starts from Within

H is for Happiness Starts from Within

Many of us place happiness at the top of our goals list. The only constant in life is change, and changes can be good or bad. As you are going through your divorce, this is especially true. When life, as you know, is changing all around you, it’s essential to keep yourself happy in any way possible. Knowing that only you have the power to keep yourself happy can be the difference between and good and a bad divorce. 

Choosing to be happy through this process, or concentrating on all the positives that could come out of this situation, is the first step. If you only focus on your life’s negative aspects, you will attract more negative outcomes, people, ideas, etc. If you focus on the positives, you’re more likely to attract positive people, ideas, and situations.  

Know that you aren’t defined by your divorce.

People change, and life doesn’t go as planned. And that is O.K.! Just because you are going through a significant life change, it’s not the only interesting thing about you so don’t forget it! 

Acceptance is key.

If you can accept where you are in life, you are ten steps ahead of the game. Maybe you didn’t get the happily ever after you thought you would, but if you can be at peace with that fact, it will be much easier to move forward. 

Know that happiness is a journey.

And not a constant one. Of course, there are going to be times when you aren’t happy. Or times when you are angry, distraught, or hopeless. Knowing that they aren’t permanent can be the difference between wallowing for too long or moving forward and helping yourself towards happiness. 

Focus on yourself.

And by that, not the wine and bath and shopping type of self-care. But the kind of self-care where you look within yourself and see what you really want. Set boundaries. Make moves towards the life that you want. A little soul searching, and a little action are the best ways to bring the kind of happiness you want in your life. 

Although we may view divorce as a thoroughly unhappy event or time in our or others’ lives, maybe the key to being happy through a divorce is taking one step at a time towards a more optimistic future. Choose happiness now and let it follow you all the days of your life. 

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