G is for Holiday Gifting with Gratitude

G is for Holiday Gifting with Gratitude

G is for Holiday Gifting with Gratitude


We gift at the holidays based on our beliefs about money, self and giving. While the holidays pull us out of our traditional spending habits, who we are at our core still shines through.Sometimes, however; it can be difficult to keep spending in check, spend reasonably and gift mindfully with gratitude.

It is easy to overspend at the holidays as marketing targets both the excitement and vulnerability in our gifting needs and demands. Ninety percent of the population will self gift while shopping for others. This is not a negative behavior but be aware not to shop with impulsivity. Also when shopping for others it is easy to over spend as we can’t truly know what others would spend or need on similar items.  Most think it is better to give than to receive at the holidays but are often lost in making good financial gifting decisions.

Many believe that gift giving has gotten out of hand and desire to scale back on frivolous or careless spending. Ideas to consider in financially sound giving may include: focusing on experiences rather than exchanging material goods. Small getaways or fun experiences make enjoyable family gifting. Making crafts and homemade goods are always appreciated by friends and family. Shopping on-line for items such as books will save you time and money. This may help decrease impulsivity making it less likely for you to pick up unwanted store items that are catchy to the eye. Another way of gifting with gratitude could be not purchasing lots of small items for family, friends and co-workers, and instead gift to a program such as The United Way or Heifer International. Gift to these programs in honor of those you wish to think of at the holidays and help others in need.

There are many ways to gift to self and others keeping in the spirit of who you really are and how you choose to make healthy financial giving part of your holidays. Allow holiday gifting to bring out the creative part of you as you focus less on spending out of expectations and start giving with an awareness that can leave you and others with a sense of gratitude.           

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