G is for Going Through Cancer? You Don’t Have to Make all Decisions on Your Own.

G is for Going Through Cancer? You Don’t Have to Make all Decisions on Your Own.

A cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things a person can go through. Hearing this prognosis from a doctor is downright frightening. There are so many ways in which cancer can go, with its many stages and many different treatments, no two cancer patients are the same. The sheer amount of information and decisions that are relayed from doctor to patient can make your head spin. And actually, making the decisions? That’s a whole different game. Luckily, you don’t, and you shouldn’t have to, go through cancer alone.

Many of us are fortunate to have some family that will be there for us no matter what, but others aren’t so lucky. So what to do if you are widowed, divorced, or perhaps an unmarried orphan and only child? The best and most logical step, family or not, is to get a counselor. Find your own or find one through the Cancer Support Network.

Utilizing the services of a counselor has so many benefits it’s silly not to find one. Unfortunately, during this high-stress and emotionally difficult time, the family can be too close to the situation to make the best, informed decisions when it comes to treatment and care. A counselor is a great third party to have on hand for making difficult decisions. Here is a short list of things a counselor can offer to you while going through this difficult time:

  • A counselor can provide emotional support for you and your loved ones. Facing your own mortality can be daunting alone. Talking to a trained professional can help you to deal with your troubles in the best way possible.

  • A counselor has seen this before and can offer advice to make you think twice. Second opinions and choices when dealing with such an intimidating disease can be overwhelming. A counselor can help you to clear your head in order to help you ask the right questions, figure out your best treatment plan, and help you find clinical trials.

  • A counselor can help you find support groups and activities to support your well-being. Talking with other patients or survivors can give you both the silver lining you’ve been looking for and the pro tips you need to get through everything in the most efficient way.

  • A counselor can refer you to financial advisors and lawyers who specialize in situations such as these. It is extremely important to get long-term health care insurance and to update or choose your healthcare power of attorney. Also, it may be smart to update your will.

Getting through cancer is never easy, but it can be done. It is important to stay positive during this time. Successful survivors report that staying positive and engaging in joyful activities helped them through and gave them the power to survive. Having a support system that encourages you to make informed decisions and enjoy what you can out of life can be all the difference.

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