G is for Getting Cyber Secure Now

G is for Getting Cyber Secure Now

Cybersecurity is at an all-time high for risk right now. As we put more of ourselves and our lives online, the threat of getting our identities stolen increases year after year. These cyber-threats are always going to be present and looming. Therefore, it is crucial to get yourself cyber-secure now rather than after something makes you say you should’ve.

According to the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book by the Federal Trade Commission, 4.72 million identity fraud or theft cases were reported last year. Even changing your password when prompted and having antivirus software doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Sometimes just a few minutes playing defense now can pay off in the future.

Here are our favorite cybersecurity tips:

Avoid oversharing on social media. As tempting as it may be to share everything, not doing so can keep you safe. Most social media sites have had security breaches in the past. The more information you have online, the more information you give hackers. And don’t forget to continuously update your privacy settings.

Use good IT practices at home. For example, create strong passwords using numbers, letters, and symbols. Always have premium antivirus software running while you are using your computer. And make sure that you update your software frequently! Even if it is annoying to have to restart your device.

Store data carefully. If you have files or emails that contain sensitive, personal information, make sure to encrypt them in case of a data breach. Also, make sure to store all documents with your signature or any important number (i.e., your social security or credit card numbers) in a locked file. If you have this information on paper, make sure to shred it when you no longer need it.

Monitor all your accounts. If you are aware of what is happening with all of your accounts, it will be easier to spot if something is wrong. In addition, the consequences of identity theft will be less impactful the sooner you catch it.

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