Featured Lifestyler: Ann Benjamin Zuraw

Featured Lifestyler: Ann Benjamin Zuraw


Ann Zuraw has a strong focus on working with women to help develop a holistic plan to best protect their financial futures as they transition through different stages of their lives. It has been her life goal to learn as much as possible about managing money. In turn, educate others to make positive choices.

It’s because of her passion and experience we chose her as our next featured lifestyler. Ann shares with us her 10 ingredients for living the Best Kept Self life:

Ingredient 1: Never Give Up

My father,Mente, worked well into his eighties as President of our family business, with a positive attitude and strong determination. His primary philosophy is “You Do Not Give Up”. Take responsibility. And search, until you find a solution. His advice has served me well throughout my life.

Ingredient 2: Believe in Yourself

Don’t be afraid to try new things–The “FAST FAIL” method is something that has helped me learn from my mistakes as I forged ahead doing the things that I love. Today in spite of the naysayers, www.ChicksChatandChange.com is five years old and empowering women around the world to take control of their financial future.

Ingredient 3: Connect People to Each Other

Connecting others for jobs, resources, and networking with no expectation of a personal benefit is something I am passionate about. I am always excited at some of the outcomes through connecting and communicating people.

Ingredient 4: There is Always Something New to Learn 

Be open to new ideas, meeting new people, finding new investments, new social media platforms and ways to connect, new marketing opportunities, and entrepreneurship. Learning never stops as long as you are alive. Be sure to be open to every new learning opportunity.

Ingredient 5: Take responsibility for your own actions and learn from your mistakes.

If I do something wrong I want to be the first to take responsibility. We are humans, we are flawed, and we will make mistakes. So be supportive of other people’s efforts. Don’t be negative and do not judge.

Ingredient 6: Give back and support your community

I want to help make Greensboro, North Carolina a place where others want to live.

Ingredient 7: Family is important–But careful of family business

Don’t confuse the business with your relationships.

Ingredient 8: Find a Passion

I play tennis which helps me live a healthy lifestyle and feeds my physical, emotional and social needs.

Ingredient 9: Teach your kids …

To be independent and have confidence in their ability. Never say I am proud of you–always say “You should be proud of yourself.”

Ingredient 10: Cultivate your environment carefully

Create an environment where your values are appreciated and your integrity is your guide.
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