F is for Overcoming Your Financial Fears.

F is for Overcoming Your Financial Fears.

overcoming your financial fear

Fear is an emotion we’ve all experienced.  It is an emotion that is triggered in our brain to protect us when we feel a threat, whether it be real or imagined. It affects us physically, as well as emotionally and only we can limit the amount we experience.  Are your fearful emotions triggered when you think about your financial situation?

You are not alone! Let’s explore some practices that may help alleviate this fear:

Action – this is an amazing antidote for fear. When you take action you begin to feel more in control of your situation and better able to work toward a strategy.

Reflect on Your Current Finances – take a close look at your earned income and your spending habits. This will help you evaluate your situation and create an informed plan of action.

Goals – set realistic goals that reflect your personal values. Goals can alleviate stress and help you to access financial needs with YOU in mind.

Educate Yourself – teach yourself about investments. It may seem overwhelming at first so learn at your own pace.  A great way to get started is by reading the financial section of a newspaper or by going to financial websites such as this one.

Seek Professional Advice – it can help you formulate a plan for your future.

As  you set your goals and believe in your future you can leave your fears behind. You will begin to forge ahead with your plan taking one step at a time. This willingness to work can lead YOU to financial comfort and freedom of fear regarding your future.

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