F is for How To Stop Fighting Over Money.

F is for How To Stop Fighting Over Money.

F is for How To Stop Fighting Over Money.

Did you know that constantly fighting over money in your marriage may find you both in divorce court? Financial feuds are one of the top reasons for divorce.  Let’s explore healthy ways to avoid fighting over money, together.

Money means many things in a marriage. It may stand for freedom, control, security, fun and future dreams.  However, these variations may cause an individual to have their own specific views on money.

The first step toward reconciliation over the money would be to understand your differences. Once this is accomplished, you will need to formulate a plan of action.

  • Discuss your money history and what money means to each of you – this will help you form a suitable financial plan that you can both live with together.
  • Schedule an hour each month to discuss your finances together.
  • Take your emotions out of your finances. Take ownership of where you are today and take action together.
  • Make a budget together.
  • Stay on track with your new budget together.
  • Dream together.  Dreams give us hope for the future and help energize us to take action.

Now that you have clear communication and understanding you are ready to face the future and realize your dreams TOGETHER!

If the actions above are not obtainable, please seek out help.  If you care about your marriage, work on it together. A financial planner can help you with your future financial goals. If the problem runs deeper than your finances, seek a marriage counselor together!

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