E is for Inspiring Ethics In The Workplace

E is for Inspiring Ethics In The Workplace

inspiring ethics in the workplace
Entrepreneurs start with a creative idea. Then a dream to take their business or product to a level never experienced before. But to do this properly they must incorporate a strong work ethic into their plan. They need a plan that includes ethical business practices, and one that will give back to the community and the environment in healthy ways.

Most people don’t start a business with the intention of doing the wrong thing. However, it’s easy for some entrepreneurs to get so focused on the profit that they lose sight of the importance of doing the right thing. If we look at history, we find companies that were willing to take ethics out of the business equation and solely concentrate on profits, regardless of the well being of their customers, then collapse and fail. It may not always be the justice they deserve but, in the end, they are left with reality of failure due to lies and deceptions.

The heart of any ethical business wants both the company and customer to benefit from the services or products provided. When an entrepreneur starts their business with the intent to make a living by offering quality goods and services that better the community, they are adding to the greater good of humanity.

How do you know if your business model is one of integrity?

Below are a few questions to ponder ethics in the workplace:

  • Are you totally transparent about your business’s products or services?
  • Is promotion straightforward and honest in products/services?
  • Do you treat all your clients/customers well and express gratitude when they support your business?
  • Do you always do your best to provide the best goods/services available so that they benefit from your business?
  • Can you describe your business concept to others with pride?
  • Do you treat your employees with respect, offer open communication and promote healthy and positive moral?
  • Do employee’s benefit from the company’s growth and profits?
  • Are your employees dedicated and loyal to the company?
  • Does your business minimize its impact on the environment and promote environmentally sound practices?
  • Does your business promote social responsibility and give back to the community both locally and globally?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, you are on the right track to having a healthy ethical sense. And also grasping the importance of fairness, and integrity not only in business but in life.


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