E is for Expectations during Divorce

E is for Expectations during Divorce

expectations during divorce


Divorce is not a pleasant experience but having unrealistic expectations and no preparation upon entering the divorce process may bring you immense disappointment. However,  if you’re reading this post, you already know that having some knowledge of the divorce process can help prepare you for what’s ahead. We hope you have found much useful information on this blog, but please make sure you seek legal advice.

The following are a few essential elements you will encounter when going through the divorce process. Make sure your attorney takes time to educate you regarding these matters.  This will help alleviate any unnecessary stress and give realistic expectation as you navigate the outcome of your divorce.


It is of utmost importance to understand the divorce laws of the state in which you intend to divorce, this will help you know what you should and should not expect from your attorney.

Some questions to consider:

How are child custody and child support determined under your state’s laws?
How is alimony determined?
Will I be able to move out of state after the divorce is final?
How is marital property divided?
Can I remain in the marital home?
What is the difference between a divorce attorney who mediates as opposed to a divorce attorney who litigates?


Many records will be needed to help your attorney begin the divorce process. Gather these materials before you visit an attorney. You will need copies of tax returns, bank accounts, investment accounts, credit card statements, proof of income, list of monthly expenses, and a list of all marital assets and debts.


It is of utmost importance to keep your feelings in check, so your decisions are sound and logical. Divorce is a legal process, it is not a platform to inflict unnecessary pain, harm or cost to the opposing party.


Divorce settlements come down to a compromise between what both sides want.  Do not become a victim, and become unhappy when what you initially expected doesn’t happen. There has got to be a reasonable compromise by both parties. Remember, without a suitable agreement that is made promptly, your divorce bill will continue to grow.


Many courts require (Except in cases that involve domestic abuse) both spouses to attempt to mediate their disputes before submitted to the court. A qualified neutral mediator will try to get both of you to settle your dispute. This can save you thousands of dollars and hours of stress.  I highly recommend meditation as a solution for this reason.


Going through a divorce may include some unanticipated financial responsibilities.  It is of utmost importance that you continue to pay the mortgage, rent, utilities, loans, and credit cards on time to keep your credit score in good standing. The last thing you want is a poor credit rating after the divorce.

Divorce is not a decision one enters into lightly, but if you decide this is the best course of action, arm yourself with knowledge, to best navigate all the bumps in the divorce process.

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