E is for “Enough” – Kids and Too Much Technology

E is for “Enough” – Kids and Too Much Technology

kids and too much technology


In less than a decade we have come to experience an explosion of media and technology. 

As a parent, it may feel like it’s too much for your children to handle. We lay witness to their incessant exposure of the internet. With social media, video games, streaming movie channels. The cause of concern is should be where all this over stimulation is leading our young?

Our world as kids was distinctively different

We weren’t constantly inundated by digital media 24/7.  Let’s be honest about our own luxury of having a cell phone handy when we need them, as well as our personal and professional attachment to electronics. We have come to rely on technology in many areas of our lives and are setting confusing examples for our children.

Every generation grows up in a changing world

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but something that requires active consciousness. As our society transitions to new ways of being, we must also transition into new ways of managing our lives and the lives of our children.

We know over indulging in too much of any one thing has its consequences for all of us

As the surge of technology continues, what we are not sure of is the scientific effect that all this media stimulation will have on the brains of our young.  For right now it makes sense to set limitations and restrictions and say “Enough”.

So when is there enough technology and media?

The answer is when you the parent “say so”.  As the parent you need to reflect on your values and decide what healthy usage and restrictions should be in place in order to improve your child’s quality of life- balance is the key. While setting the boundaries of enough technology, make sure there are enough reading time, activity time, outdoor time and family time. Set the example you desire your child to follow, put aside your technology to be completely present with your child.


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