G is for GIVING of yourself during your divorce

G is for GIVING of yourself during your divorce

giving of yourself during your divorce

It has been scientifically proven that women are hardwired for giving of themselves. The same pleasure areas that are stimulated by food, sex, sweets and social connections are also activated when we give to others. It makes perfect sense when looking to maintain optimum health—especially during stressful life occurrences—that we make a concentrated effort toward giving.

How can I help others when I don’t feel capable of helping myself?

1)      Start off by doing small random acts of kindness. Giving advice or support to another person who is having a hard time can make a world of difference.
2)      If you’re financially able, a good first step would be to give to charities.
3)      Time is worth money so if you are not financially able to give to charities, volunteer your talents and expertise.
Any or all of these actions are going to help you feel more valuable, as well as help you maintain a healthy mind.

Giving of our selves comes in many forms including time and money. Philanthropy doesn’t need to cause us financial ruin; it can be done with just a kind word or a smile. You know firsthand how much it can make a difference to have kindness and support during a difficult time in your life.
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