AZ asks: How to Deal Emotionally with Divorce

AZ asks: How to Deal Emotionally with Divorce

how to deal emotionally with divorce

AZ asks:  Tamela  D. Duncan on how to deal with a divorce
Tamela Duncan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a Master’s in Social Work from Florida State University. She has been a counselor in private practice for over 19 years in Greensboro, North Carolina and focuses on enhancing the quality of life of individuals, groups and communities by helping them reach their full potential.

Tamela is also an extremely talented musician who created Family Secrets CD as a therapeutic composition for healing.  As one reviewer eloquently put it, “The music and lyrics on Tamela Duncan’s CD, Family Secrets, are melodiously moving with words that, if you listen well, reach down into your very soul.”

For the past decade, she has taught at UNCG’s Call Program.   Tamela gives workshops regarding spirituality, personal growth and emotional health/healing.  She can be reached at

AZ asks: Will you share your advice on dealing with life and divorce?
10 Ways to Open Your Heart

  1.  Say YES as often as possible: yes to experience, yes to pain, yes to changes, yes to sorrow.
  2. Surrender and move through whatever is happening. Everything in life eventually passes. Don’t hold anger, bitterness, grudges, as this will cause you unnecessary suffering.
  3. Live without judgment. Too often we confuse opinion with judgment. Remember no matter what you think you know, you don’t know the whole story.
  4. Stay in touch with your inner child. Laugh often and much. Play and “dance as if no one is watching.”
  5. Approach everything with compassion. When in doubt err on the side of compassion.
  6. Pay attention with all 6 senses:  sight, sound, taste, touch hearing, and heart. Learn to feel your heart vibrations.
  7. Learn to embrace your fears, see them as growth, opportunities, chances and choices. They are a natural part of life.
  8. Don’t put yourself in the path of destruction. Darkness exists. Pray for it, have compassion, be loving and kind, but keep it out of your life.
  9.  Practice maîtri:  loving-kindness to self.  Self love illuminates the world.  Eat well, sleep well, move your body. It’s easier to love the world when you practice self love. The only thing that can come out of you is what’s in you.

10.  Put a daily spiritual practice in your life.  Prayer, Meditation and Gratitude.
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