D is for Divorcing a Friend can be a Good Thing

D is for Divorcing a Friend can be a Good Thing

divorcing a friend can be a good thing

Just as divorcing a spouse can be a positive step toward a better life, so can divorcing those friends that have become more draining than a pleasure to be around. People have energy and we are impacted by one another’s energy. As we change and grow we hope those we love are also working on self-development and growth. But that is not always the case. So, when a friend is zapping the joy from your life, it may be time call it quits.

Yes, it can be difficult to cut off connections that were made in childhood, college, yoga class, or work. They may have been the perfect friend in that situation and at that time in your life. But our circumstances are constantly changing. Sometimes we outgrow those that we love and we are no longing feeding one another good emotional food.

Only you can decide who you want to keep in your life. There is no shame should you wish to keep an energy-zapping friend in your circle. But don’t expect to change them or to gain growth from them. Accept them as they are and the relationship for what it does have to offer.

But, when you realize a friendship is hurting you, is spewing negative energy onto you, or is depleting who you are as a person, it may be time to divorce that energy from your life. You are a product of your environment. And cleaning out those energy zappers may be the best thing you can do for you.

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