D is for De-clutter Your Home and Help Your Finances.

D is for De-clutter Your Home and Help Your Finances.

de-clutter your home and help your finances

Our culture has taught us that we need more and more belongings to live a comfortable life. The result is a large amount of clutter accompanied by a declining bank account. If all the clutter in your home is having a negative impact on your finances.

You may wish to consider some positive reasons for living a clutter- free life:

  • Removing clutter – may generate a more tranquil and healthier living environment.
  • Eliminating items you no longer use – can help you see how unnecessary these purchases were, while teaching you to need less.
  • Organization – this will become an easier task after all the unnecessary items have been removed. You should begin to find yourself living more efficiently.
  • Increase home value – less clutter can help improve your chances of getting more value when selling your home.
  • Increase income – have a garage sale or list unwanted items on eBay. Put the profits into your savings or retirement account.
  • Donate – this will give you an opportunity to help others and possibly give you a tax deduction.
  • Create Storage Space – no longer incur a monthly fee for that extra storage unit.
  • Downsize – with all the mess gone you may find you have more living space than you need. Consider moving to something more affordable and efficient.

By removing clutter, you can start to think more clearly and develop an energetic lifestyle. You may realize a new way of life which isn’t dependent on the purchase of new things. And can help you discover what is necessary and what is not. Organization and material limitations can help you understand that order is beneficial to your lifestyle as well as your financial health.


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