D is for Dashing Away the Holiday Blues

D is for Dashing Away the Holiday Blues

 D is for Dashing Away the Holiday Blues
The holiday season for many is a fun time of year filled with joy and celebration.  But for some, it can be filled with sadness, loneliness and “the blues”.  So if you’re not feeling joyous during the Holidays, you’re not alone.  In fact, much-added stress comes from believing everyone else “is merry and bright and I should be too”!
We all have good years and those not so good years. So whether your unhappiness is due to financial hardship, remembering lost loved ones, or dealing with issues of divorce you can find ways to comfortably maneuver through this time. The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to put a plan in place to help minimize your sadness during the Holidays.

  • Acknowledge your feelings as normal and get support in working through them.

  • Set healthy limits financially, emotionally and with time management. Saying ‘No’ to others is often saying ‘Yes’ to yourself.

  • Surrender your need to be perfect. It’s okay if the food, gift giving, and demands aren’t “outstanding”; you being relaxed and joyful is far more important.

  • Pay close attention to your physical health. Limit alcohol (it’s a depressant), caffeine, and sugar. Make sure and get fresh air, exercise, and social connection.

  • Make new traditions. While old traditions are important they can also cause stress and sadness; sometimes change creates new joy and freedom.

  • Limit spending and get creative with gift giving; baked goods, a hand written letter and time are valued gifts. For example coffee with a friend means more than another candle.

  • Plan ahead. Procrastination is a major factor in human stress and anxiety.

  • Hold a place for gratitude in your heart. No matter how difficult things may be, there are always reasons to have gratitude. Studies have shown having gratitude is good for your health…emotionally and physically.

Dashing away those holiday blues is possible by taking care of yourself and remembering “this too will pass”. Find joy in the small things, surround yourself with positive people and always practice love and kindness for self.
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