C is for Charitable Giving and Choosing Well

C is for Charitable Giving and Choosing Well

Charitable Giving and Navigating the Best Choice

Giving to charity can be rewarding and satisfying. And especially so when you know that your hard earned money is going to help those you choose and it‘s not getting lost in the organizations operation cost.

Choosing a Charity

However, there are so many charities to choose from and knowing which ones are reputable is not an easy task.  Hence, “Charity Navigator” which is an American organization that acts as a watchdog to thousands of charitable groups in the United States. This website evaluates charities in various ways such as their financial health, transparency and accountability. And then gives them a rating.

Where to Find a Charity

You can find them at Charity Navigator and peruse the pages of useful information. Some of which may answer many of your questions when choosing a reputable charity. It also provides valuable tips about charitable giving such the 10 highest rated charities, 10 charities rated lowest, Top 10 Best Practices of Savvy Donors.

It also provides information on their methodology. As with any informational website, and rating service you must weigh the options yourself and do your own homework. I do however appreciate their work in trying to keep our non-profits socially responsible. In doing so, it allows the contributor to feel donating is valuable, and extremely positive for you and those that you desire to help.

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