CHANGE at Chicks Chat and Change

CHANGE at Chicks Chat and Change

Chicks, Chat and Change officially launched January 2012. And since then we have been evolving and changing to meet your needs. The one thing that hasn’t changed though, is our continued focus on women. And the challenges they face in today’s financial world.

We used the word change in the title because it can have many meanings. It can refer to monies you may have accumulated or the ability to grow and change personally. It can also mean modifying or altering your outlook towards money by adjusting or amending your financial plans and goals.

In the upcoming months, we will continue to explore many different topics that will be interesting to you about change and finances. We want to help you continue to make informed decisions by considering change or alternatives to the way you look at things so that you can achieve what you have set out to.

Since this site is about YOU! Let us know what additional topics you would like to hear about during the upcoming months and we will make sure we CHAT about them. I personally believe that with knowledge comes the power needed to help make good financial decisions.


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