Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

martin luther king day
In the past 100 years, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known as one of American’s greatest influential people. He is best remembered for fighting for civil rights for African-Americans. And for leading this revolution without violence. Dr. King’s commitment to peaceful resistance and non-violent protest in the face of aggressive and racist behaviors made an important mark in history.

Dr. King’s passion and commitment in struggling for all human rights showed conviction that changed the face of our nation. His position was clearly racially based due to societies prejudicial stance against the African-American population. And yet he vehemently spoke about the freedom and rights for “all” people.

His speech has left us with the knowledge that, we all have a right to dream. And to grow beyond our limitations and nothing and no one should stand in our way. Dr. King’s voice resonates in many of our minds today as we live in a country with freedom of speech, liberties, and monetary advancement. Therefore, it is important to embody his lessons today and everyday. What this can give to all, is the continuation of having a voice, supporting those less heard and following our dreams.


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