C is for Divorce Can be Complicated But Organization Helps!

C is for Divorce Can be Complicated But Organization Helps!

divorce can be complicated


Going through a divorce can be messy and complicated and it may feel like your life has been turned upside down.  Getting yourself organized during this time can help keep you less stressed and on track.

 Keep a daily calendar

You will need to keep track of all meetings and deadlines. These are important;  if you or your spouse do not keep an appointment or violate an agreement it could be used against you in court.

Make a To Do List

List all necessary actions and prioritize. This will help you accomplish them and feel more in control as you check them off of your list.

 Do your research

It is valuable to learn all you can about divorce before you begin the process.  Educating yourself will help you make better choices.

Make a divorce file

Divorce produces mountains of paperwork.  Keep them in chronological order and make yourself an index card.

Consolidate all debt

If you have debt in your name such as credit cards, loans, etc., you will want to pay those down as much as possible before a divorce.

Collect financial information

This should include all bills, loans, savings, and investments, etc.

Discontinue all unnecessary expenses

Be prepared to live with your new income level.

Take care of your health

Stay active, eat healthy, exercise and get a good nights sleep—all these will help relieve stress.

Keep contact with your ex to a minimum

Unnecessary conflicts only add to stress. Using e-mail and text vs. telephone can help keep your emotions in check. Do remember to be as cordial as possible when corresponding with your ex.

Take one day at a time

Focus on the present and your future, not the past.

Make a plan

Control only what is in your control. Make a plan and then stick to it.

Using this guide will help you take control of your divorce and not let it take control of you.


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