C is for Dealing with Today’s Rise in Cheaters

C is for Dealing with Today’s Rise in Cheaters

dealing with today's rise in cheaters

With all the new technology available including real-time communication tools, people in high profile positions are continually being caught cheating. We tune into the nightly news to find politicians, CEO’s, Olympic Athletes, church officials, this list goes on, cheating. 

So then why are we surprised when we encounter cheaters in our daily lives? 

Unfortunately, the more people cheat, the more it becomes accepted practice. The more it’s accepted, the more likely it is to occur. So if winning a tennis match or keeping up with the Jones takes a little cheating, many will become conditioned to climb aboard the cheat train with little to no remorse.
The question is how does cheating harm our society, our families and us?

We became a civilized society by accepting and obeying the rules. If you no longer feel the need to follow rules, you will see a negative effect on society as well as a negative impact on you. Take a moment and think about your own actions. If you find yourself making excuses to justify your behavior, this may be the beginning of compromising your integrity.

We need to be role models for our future generations! There are more important things in life than just winning. Feeling good about yourself whether you win or lose creates confidence, community and character.

Play fair — be a true winner.

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