C is for Choosing Dignity in Divorce

C is for Choosing Dignity in Divorce

choose dignity in divorce

It’s time; you’ve hashed out this decision over and over in your head, and now you know that divorce is the inevitable. You also realize you want to get through this process with your integrity intact, and without depleting your life savings. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you and your spouse agree, you should be able to get a peaceful and amicable divorce.

Unfortunately, many times the reason you’re getting a divorce is that you and your spouse no longer get along and disagree on most things. Contemplate all the time, stress and emotions you will spend fighting each other with high-priced attorneys which will only deplete your savings and in the end, you’ll get a settlement that you both should have agreed upon from the start. If you stop and think about it, do you really want a Judge telling you how to be fair? And if you do, it will cost you plenty!

Consider the path of a peaceful and fair strategy, as this can help you get through the court system without a huge legal fee and best of all with your dignity intact. This process should not be about emotions but about separating assets accumulated during the marriage, defining your new living arrangements and having a co-parenting plan in place.

Sounds simple, right? It should be; however, many times emotions get involved. And the uncertainty of the situation can seem overwhelming, but if you stand in your dignity, stay grounded and in control of yourself, keep your ethics in place, you can create an atmosphere of open communication and cooperation.

So choose a dignified divorce by looking for positive and fair solutions to navigate the process together. If you need help, try a mediator or collaborative attorney that can help you both focus on a win-win solution. When you both choose the high road, you will find yourself in the midst of a peaceful. Amicable divorce with the self-respect you both deserve. Moving forward in life with real integrity.

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