Being Tech Savvy will Help Protect Your Finances by @AZanswers

Being Tech Savvy will Help Protect Your Finances by @AZanswers

being tech savy can help protect your finances
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Today’s world has a new peril called cyber-attacks they happen every day. Don’t let it happen to you! Below are a few tips to help you on your way to being tech savvy. Be Sure and take our quiz below and see how well you score.

P – Proceed with caution when using personal checks or giving out personal information on any forms.
R – Require Strong Passcodes – Do not use easily guessable information (dog names, address, date of birth, etc.) and never use the same password twice.
O – Open only emails that you recognize-be sure to look behind the email address and do not click on a link in an e-mail
T – Think about what you post – criminals are watching.  By advertising your current location, you are letting them know that you are out of town with an empty house.
E – Expect phishing so slow down when you are responding to emails and read the fine print.
C – Check security settings on social media accounts, email accounts, phones, etc. to make sure sensitive information protected, especially after updates.
T – Trust your instincts—Use your common sense.   You do not have to respond to everything if it doesn’t feel right

Y – Don’t say yes or your name on the phone – they can be recording your voice.
O – Opt out- do not fill out surveys just because they ask.
U – Uber Protection – If you are leaving from home, set your pickup down the street and walk. Do not give them your home address.
R – Read app(lication) agreements – nothing is for free.  Be smart about providing as little information as possible.
S – Never give out your Social Security Number (just because they ask for it).
E – Explore safely- Prepare ahead of traveling to ensure your home and finances are protected. Set alerts set for credit cards and bank accounts when traveling.
L – Lock your cellphone—always use a VPN on your phone and computer.
F – Fingerprints – Be cautious about providing this information. Disney uses them for your Magic Band but tries to protect the use of them.


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