AZ Asks: Tamela Duncan, LCSW: To teach us about Self-Love?

AZ Asks: Tamela Duncan, LCSW: To teach us about Self-Love?

AZ Asks: Tamela Duncan, LCSW: To teach us about Self-Love?AZ Asks Tamela Duncan: Looking for Self-Love.

We all want this powerful source in our lives yet we struggle with keeping it for ourselves. We all need to be aware that loving our self should be a number one priority!


Where do we start to learn about self-love?

Self-love is connected to our self-esteem and our belief system. We are not taught to love our self and self-love is actually discouraged. Start with kindness, honor and respect. Stop the negative thinking and negative self-talk.  Be tender regarding your flaws. Honor your efforts and surrender your ideas about perfection. Respect yourself by not putting yourself down and not allowing anyone else to treat you in ways that are not respectful and kind.

How do you repair low self-esteem?

If there are behaviors in your life that need changing, change them!  Be honest with yourself. If there are concerns like weight, exercise, mental health or negativity that you wish were different, consciously create the life you desire. Be fair and realistic about changes. Don’t condemn or put yourself down for changes you are not yet ready to make. Practice patience and loving kindness.

How does the influence of others affect our own self-love?

Whether we want to accept it or not, others affect our optimism or pessimism. Staying positive has a direct correlation on feelings and attitudes toward self. Negativity breeds negativity. So be weary of the company you keep. Self-love is an attitude that grows from respect, love and kindness.

How can we have daily self-love?

Give up your false ideas about perfection and learn to live in your skin. See the best in yourself and change those parts that aren’t yet your best. Self-love is having positive affirmations, eating well, sleeping well, surrounding yourself with people who will honor and respect you.

Daily self-love starts by waking each morning and choosing to love YOU with each and every action throughout the day.

Tamela Duncan, LCSW is a practicing psychotherapists specializing in individual, relational and marriage therapy. She received her Bachelor’s degree from University of North Carolina at Greensboro and received her Master’s in Social Work from Florida State University. Prior to beginning private practice she worked for years as a counselor/social worker in the Public Mental Health Sector.

She is a licensed, clinical therapist, is certified in Regression therapy and has extensive training in spirituality, life coaching, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and mood disorders. For over a decade, she has taught at UNCG’s Call Program. Tamela continues to provide workshops and classes open to the public.

She is also a talented musician/writer and has written “How to be Genuinely Happy” and created “Family Secrets.”  a CD is used as a therapeutic composition for healing. Tamela’s focus is on enhancing the quality of life of individuals, groups and communities by helping them reach their full potential. For more information contact her at 0r 336) 275-7585.


Tamela Duncan is not affiliated with Zuraw Financial Advisors, LLC.


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