L is for LETTING It Go

There are times in our lives that we just need to let it go. Right now is probably …

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K for KEEPING Yourself Motivated.

What is the difference between surviving and thriving in a difficult situation? The answer is the ability to …

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J is for Using Your Own JUDGMENT

By definition, the word Judgment means the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions. What it …

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Answers from A to Z

H is for HEALTH CARE Power of Attorney.

  Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine you find yourself waking up in the hospital and you …

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G is for Setting GOALS

    Right now you probably feel like you are in a long, dark tunnel with no end …

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F is for FACING the Facts

  F is for Facing the Facts of Your Divorce Face it – you are getting divorced. The …

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AZ asks: How do you deal with your house in a divorce?

Interview: How to Deal With Your House During a Divorce Marta is an interior designer in Greensboro, NC. …

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D is for DIVIDING the Assets during Divorce

  Dividing The Assets Let’s face it, separating financially after marriage is not easy and may take some …

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control what you can
Answers from A to Z

C is for CONTROL What You Can During Divorce

Ask yourself how are you really functioning? Even though it may feel like you are in a Dark …

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Chicks Chat and Change

CHANGE at Chicks Chat and Change

Chicks, Chat and Change officially launched January 2012. Since then we have been evolving and changing to meet …

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