Ann Zuraw Highlighted in CityWire RIA – “Generational Advice”

Ann Zuraw Highlighted in CityWire RIA – “Generational Advice”

“My personal philosophy is that people can manage their own money and use good judgment. And, my role as an advisor is to help them make good decisions. So, I think education is really important. When education comes from family members, they know where the money came from and what the goals are for future generations. I believe in sitting down and discussing generational income because knowledge is the key to change in everybody’s lives.

Money that grows over time, and not just being spent in one generation, can help many generations to come. My goal is to interest and encourage the younger generation to seek as much knowledge as possible and to help them invest wisely.”

Go Here to See the Article in CityWire Magazine (Page 24-25)


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