A to Z Guide on How to Live a Quality Life

A to Z Guide on How to Live a Quality Life

a to z guide on living a quality life


Life encompasses many phases, the longer we live, the wiser we hope to become. Should you desire to live a life of quality consider including some of these practices:

Appreciate Self – when we focus on our good qualities, those thoughts will help maintain a positive mood and improve self-esteem.
Breathe with focus – we breathe all day long without giving it a thought. Occasionally, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Create more than you consume – when we give our gifts back to society in a productive way we increase our self-satisfaction and worth.
Don’t take other peoples negative comments personally – the negativity is not coming from you it’s coming from them, let them teach you “who you do not want to be.”
Education should be a lifelong journey – fill the days with endless curiosity and wonder and continue to learn.
Financial Fitness – means living within our means and saving for our future.
Give back – volunteer to help others, and make a difference in the world no matter how big or small.
Healthy lifestyle – we are what we eat.  Eat whole foods and avoid processed as much as possible.
Invite a friend of another culture into your life – let them teach you about their life, religion, interests, and dreams. Our world’s greatest beauty is in its diversity.
Join a group that shares your love of sport, hobby or interests. Human connection is what we crave and it helps bring meaning to our lives.
Know yourself – take time to sit and reflect on what makes you unique and special, listen to your heart and reflect upon your life; this is the beginning of inner wisdom.
Laugh, and laugh some more! Laughter relieves stress and fear, so go ahead and call that someone who makes you laugh.
Move your body – choose a daily exercise routine, walk around your neighborhood or dance in your living room. Whichever you choose, get up and move! It helps release our feel-good endorphins.
No. Learn to say it. For many this is difficult, but sometimes the amount of stress we take on when we fail to say no can wreak havoc on our body. Learning to say no can lead to a feeling empowerment and self-satisfaction.
Originality is to be authentic to yourself, know your strengths and vulnerabilities and be proud.  Leave the fear of judgment out of this equation.
Pay attention to your passions – find what makes your heart and soul leap and nurture this energy. It will infuse a sense of meaning to your life.
Quality relationships – Choose your friends wisely as they will rub off on you.
Remove clutter from your life. Get organized, remove what you no longer need, recycle and give to charity. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying this endeavor will make you feel.
Smile at everyone you pass or just make eye contact and watch the number of smiles you receive multiple each day.
Time is our most precious resource, don’t waste it on negative moments.
Understanding – There is always another point of view; try to create space to understand another point of view.
Variety is the spice of life; challenge yourself to try new things and make it fun.
Wear comfortable shoes so that you are more likely to take a walk; your feet will thank you later.
Xhale – Take a deep breath from time to time as it relaxes your entire system.
Yearn for joy, peace, and happiness; and then create it.
Zzzz get enough sleep but don’t sleep your life away.
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