A to Z Guide for “Awe” some Living!

A to Z Guide for “Awe” some Living!

It is easy to get lost in our busy, fretful, demanding lives. Taking time to notice the little things can change the way we look at our day. Learn how to take care of YOU on a daily basis. Try something new, let go of past pain and begin to enjoy your awesome future.

Accept yourself and acknowledge your strengths and attributes.
Be happy, Kind, YOU!
Create your own happiness.
Dance until you smile.
Exercise your body, love your body, nurture, and feed your body.
Forgive, and forget. Life is too short to hold grudges.
Give your love freely to someone else.
Hug yourself and all those who let you!
Invite a friend to share a meal.
Jealousy—throw it away.
Kindness, practice small acts daily.
Let go of all life’s disappointments. The best is yet to come!
Make every day a day to learn and grow.
Never give up (N.G.U.) on the positive side of life.
Own up to your own flaws and faults –it will free you.
Play until you laugh out loud.
Quietly reminisce on your days of bliss and give ─gratitude
Relax, rejuvenate, and rejoice in all the good in your life.
Spend every day like it’s your last.
Talk with full intention, from the heart, and only speak the truth- it will set you free!
Unleash your inner child and give her/him a hug.
Vent it will help get rid negative thoughts and energy.
Wake each morning and feel gratitude for one or two things, make this a daily practice.
X-ray your circle of friends, keep positive, and eliminate the negative!
You are the director of your life. Don’t forget you are in complete control.
Zestful living is within your reach. Enjoy your life, it belongs to you.

Start by practicing one of these, and then add another and another. You may be surprised at how “awe” some you will feel in your skin.
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