A is for Apologies to my CPA During Tax Season

A is for Apologies to my CPA During Tax Season

The year is already in full swing, and we are in the middle of tax season. Some of us may be on top of our finances, while others may not. If you use a CPA, you may feel like you are on top of your financial situation. But these services aren’t entirely one-sided. Professionals helping you with your finances need things from you as well.

And that’s the thing, they are there to help you, not do everything for you! It is important to provide your CPA and financial professionals with the correct information and paperwork they need to provide the best service for you this tax season.

So, for all of us who don’t do this or get upset when our CPAs don’t give us the best help we were counting on, here is a brief apology letter and food for thought. 

Apologies to my CPA:

  • I apologize for not providing notice information.
  • It’s not your fault I didn’t pay my quarterly taxes.
  • It’s not your fault I made money, and now I need to pay taxes.
  • I apologize that I didn’t give you a statement.
  • It’s not your fault I’m missing information that I didn’t give you.

So, how do we correct these wrongs and provide our correct information for our best care?

First and foremost, be organized and on top of your paperwork. Providing all your important documentation can be the difference between a good experience and a subpar one.

Second, reach out to your CPA in a timely manner. Reaching out on April 14th and expecting results on the 15th is unrealistic. You are not their only client. Realize that good work and getting your taxes done takes time.

So allow enough time in both of your schedules to properly go through it all.

And third, know that if you make money, you will have to pay taxes on it! It is not your CPA’s fault! They are helping you follow the rules and properly pay your taxes and dues.

Being organized and ahead of the curve is an excellent skill to practice in your life’s financial aspect. It doesn’t only help you, but it helps the people that are helping you. Refer to these simple rules to ensure you never need to apologize to your CPA again.


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