What’s NOT Inside Your Purse?

What’s NOT Inside Your Purse?

Welcome to Chicks, Chat and Change. Hi! I am Ann Zuraw.

My first question is usually what’s in your purse? But today, I am going to ask you hopefully what’s not in your purse.

Here are just a few things. Let’s start off with your Social Security Card. This is the one thing that can identify almost every aspect of your personal and financial life. The last thing you would want to do is to lose this important document. In the hands of an identify thief, this plastic card is like a golden key to your life.

What else should not be in your purse? Checkbooks, Checks list your name, address, bank account number, bank-routing number and the name of your financial branch. With this information, thieves can tap into your account online and then transfers and electronically move money from your account to theirs. So only carry it when you absolutely know you will use it.

Only carry one or two credit cards at the most and never carry more money than you would be OK with losing.

Another item that I never thought of until a friend lost her purse is a Flash or UBS Drives. If your purse is stolen all of your information that you thought was important enough to put on a drive in the first place is gone. She had her tax information and financial statements on her drive and now someone else may have it. If you need to take the drive with you, carry it in your pocket.

So , what’s in your purse now?

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