Introducing: Chicks, Chat and Change!

Introducing: Chicks, Chat and Change!


Welcome to Chicks, Chat and Change!

I am Ann Zuraw. The name Chicks, Chat and Change says it all! The best way that I have found to make change or improvements in my life is to CHIT CHAT about it.

The focus of my video blog is on women and the challenges they face in today’s financial world. We used change in the title because CHANGE can have two meanings. It could be the ability to grow and change personally or it can refer to monies you may have accumulated.

When I see bright yellow chicks happily running around, growing and changing I am reminded that women have also been continuously evolving in positive ways throughout time.
In the upcoming months we will explore many topics that will be interesting to you about change and finances.

We all have money values and beliefs that we may or may not be aware of. You might not realize that you feel strongly one way or another, until you are forced to make a choice.

To help you make informed decisions, we will discuss a variety of financial topics with examples and questions so that we can chat with you directly. Our objective is to help you consider change or alternatives to your behavior in order to reach your goals.

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